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The product can be segmented into countless families and categories: from the elaborate dish of fine dining restaurants, to a perfectly executed fried potato, from an innovative recipe to the rediscovery of distant traditions.
The research of the raw materials and why use an ingredient rather than others, the blends and the mono cultivar, spices and infusions reaching to the most modern functional ingredients such as vegetable proteins, vitamins and dietary supplements, probiotics and prebiotics.

This small but varied list is an example of the necessary knowledge needed in order to choose which, between the countless available options, will be ideals for the concept that we would like to propose.

With our competence yet with the support of diverse expertise on various fields, IFA can respond to the most diverse needs on design, find and develop the right product for every project.


Without people we don’t have a business. Therefore, how we approach, either building a new or evaluating an existing team, it is essential to be focused on the specific traits of the business area where we are operating, and it’s short and long-term objectives.

It is indeed essential to recruit or identify the best suited candidate for the available roles, but also consider how individuals will mix will ensure a smooth operation.

Only experience on having built multiple successful teams over the years will guarantee the sensibility to coordinate the shared traits of a team, in order to have everyone working at the best of their capabilities.


Training and developing individuals to reach the highest level of competence and enable to execute on the field daily, is what we also believe will ensure the long-term growth of the business.


Either we are looking from a product perspective as well as human resources of finance all should be structured in an overall organization that will ensure the system to work according to our needs.

Budgeting and financial planning can be considered the first part of the organization as allocating the resources to defined areas will shape the more operative analysis that follow.

Define a fitted organigram with an optimum scheduling budget in hand or engineer a menu that will minimize the processes and the risks while deliver the best product according to our vision, structure a Kitchen and restaurant with smooth workflow and effective productivity.

All these activities are essential in order to run our business and not to find ourselves to continuously react to daily challenges without control.

Define policies, procedures and job descriptions are, at the end, the final organizational tools to have a perfected execution of the daily tasks.

Without an organization, also the most powerful resources, will not be able to turn an idea in to a profitable business.


How we manage our finances will either ensure the sustainability and growth or failure of a Business Vision.

Financial planning, product, team and organization together with a workable and realistic budget will guide the roadmap to success.

As our line of business is in constant change and evolution, also financial control should be continuous and detailed in order to not lose profit margin to purely operative decisions.

From purchasing at the right price, stock rotation, proper calculation of the impact of  processes, portions control, time management, pricing, menu mix, sales, return on investments and future investment planning all will have an impact on the final figure that will give us thumb up or down.

Often underestimate to more visible objectives, even small changes on the financial side will have a major impact on the results and immediate analysis and action/reaction is the necessary approach in order to keep our business moving forward.

Strategic planning can be defined as well as the “vision implementer”.

Focusing on long term achievements, strategy will lead us to plan our investments, decide how we want to be known, the standards, models and actions to bet set and that will define our brand. As well the conceptualization of the business that will shape values, philosophy, style, esthetic and therefore all the choices that will we be making for the time being.

Following a path not knowing what we want the end destination to be, is the easiest way to get to an impasse.

Even simple goals need a structured set of decisions and implementation in time to be achieved. Knowing what to do in order to get there, is the asset to be utilized in the strategic planning.

As we reach our goals, or a change of factors happen along the way, strategy need to be adjusted and calibrate on the new reality. Therefore, strategy, is not a process concluded in a study for all, but a way of thinking that accompanies daily work and observation of results.


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