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IFA-International Food Advisor is a network of Hospitality business professionals and free lancers coordinated by Chef and Project Manager Daniele Fabris. Due to extensive background and multilevel experience in different fields of the industry, IFA can provide flexible and custom designed services to our valued customers.

Get your company in the path of success

Are you a small business trying to define your organization and find your place in the food scene? 
Are you a cruise company that need innovative ideas tuned with USPH requirements?
Are you a restaurant chain that is looking to enter a new market or to develop your product and services?
Are you looking for solutions in order to balance your budget and growth?
Or are you just looking for new creative ideas that can upgrade your style, technique and visibility?

Our experience have brought us through all  these set-ups before and, knowing that all new adventures are to be approached consciously and with an open mind; you will find in us professionals attentive to listen to your goals and challenges, passionate about food and beverage, and dedicated to accompany your targets to realization.


Innovative Food Advisor is able  to provide support in various business areas, on a single task as well on combined and structured actions between sectors.


As the industry develop and connect, there are not standard ways to success, financial stability or stay ahead of competition.
In IFA we offer flexible, structured and dynamic solutions to support a stable and lasting business to progress in a constantly changing environment.

Write to us, we will find together the best solution for your needs among our products and services.
We will be happy to answer you by e-mail and by phone shortly.

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