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Get your company in the path of success. STRATEGIZE.ORGANIZE.DELIVER

Innovative Food Advisor is able  to provide support in various business areas, on a single task as well on combined and structured actions between sectors.


A unique atmosphere, in a real Caribbean Pirate Bay, where you can travel with taste and fun with family and friends. The Bay would not be the same, without a little caribe!

Come and discover our fantastic Po'Boys directly from Louisiana and our traditional Creole dishes, a rich and tasty cuisine to discover distant flavors.

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Amodo is a daily meeting place, where COMFORT, QUALITY and CUSTOMER CARE become pure emotion.

A sensory place, to be experienced even several times a day, where hospitality and style are at the core of the attention.

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 “All Big” is freedom, sharing, simplicity, abundance.

The informal environment, the idea to share the experience thanks to the "all big" offer of the menu, driving guests into an experience of other times, far from the rules of contemporary catering.

A trip through the taverns of the world.

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Experience the whole charm of the Mediterranean cuisine, listen to the symphony of magical flavors, and imagination will erase all boundaries, making food the most exciting of life's enjoyments.

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Ready-to-drink cocktails of the highest quality: Everywhere, ready.

Whether it's aperitif time or a moment of relax, we create unique and always perfect blends.

The goal is to create products that combine taste, authenticity and high standards.


IFA-International Food Advisor is a network of Hospitality business professionals and free lancers coordinated by Chef and Project Manager Daniele Fabris. Due to extensive background and multilevel experience in different fields of the industry, IFA can provide flexible and custom designed services to our valued customers.

Verdure e fantasia

We have been several times even though we don't live very close due to the particularity of the place, especially beautiful for children!! Great food, lots of choices on the menu! Impeccable service: fast and very kind!



Pirates' Bay

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